About Us

Cyclon brand has a strong reputation in the Greek and international market of lubricants, for more than 35 years remaining for all these years synonymous with high quality. In a globalized market in which developments and technological requirements of modern lubrication (synchronous motors, fuel economy, extreme operating conditions etc.), Cyclon lubricants could not be missing from the forefront of innovation.

So Cyclon lubricants brand changed following the latest requirements.

The whole project of renewing the brand CYCLON and the development of NEW LUBRICANTS GENERATION, were based on four main pillars that interact together covering the modern requirements of the market:

  1. Innovation
  2. Technology
  3. Economy
  4. Environment

New top products in each family of lubricants, containing in their composition the new special TriboACT® FORMULA, patented for Cyclon lubricants. The design of the new packaging and the new Logo CYCLON is a result of our cooperation with the Industrial Design Department of the Aegean University and the international the design house MINALE.
New lubricants were developed in cooperation with foreign additives companies using high technology. They meet the requirements of the latest engines generation.
New Cyclon lubricants provide significant and measurable fuel savings during their use. Ensure long change intervals and engine cleaning.
The new lubricants are compatible with all latest exhaust management systems. Their use reduces pollutant emissions and contributes to environmental protection.

Moreover, the renewal of the Cyclon brand became a significant intervention in five main points that make up the new image of the brand CYCLON:

1. Renewal of Cyclon logo
2.  New lubricants families & new top products in each of these
3. New packaging
4. Innovative products with TriboACT® FORMULA in their composition
5.  Dynamic marketing strategy at all levels